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Review of 5 local cuisines from TORIKIZOKU limited time fair menu

POSTED:March 17, 2020   UPDATED:

My favorite Japanese yakitori izakaya chain, TORIKIZOKU, has launched a limited-time menu of five local cuisines on March 5, 2020.

I was curious about it, so I went to eat it for dinner.

I'd like to share my impressions and reviews with photos.

Review of 5 local cuisines from TORIKIZOKU limited time fair menu

A lineup of five local cuisine menu

  • Muroran Yakitori(Hokkaido)
  • Tochigi Imo Fries(Tochigi pref.)
  • Matsumoto Sanzokuyaki(Nagano pref.)
  • Saga Sicilian Rice(Saga pref.)
  • Miyazaki Karamen(Miyazaki pref.)

Review of Muroran Yakitori

In Japanese, "Yaki" means "grill" and "tori" means "chicken".

So, Yakitori is a grilled chicken.

But, Muroran yakitori is made with pork, even though it is named Yakitori.

Even though it is named Yakitori, it's made from pork. It's too complicated!

Yakitori usually refers to grilled skewered chicken, but in Muroran City, its style of ‘yakitori’ is uniquely made with pork and onion, garnished with mustard. As pig farming was introduced to the region around 1937, people started to serve pork offal meat at food stands, where they also sold grilled skewered chicken. For convenience, they called both of them ‘yakitori’, and this name remains unchanged to date. Try this tasty ‘yakitori’ of pork and onion when in Muroran City.

Quoted from Muroran Yakitori - 【郷土料理ものがたり】

According to the URL above, Yakitori in Muroran is "pork" and "onions."

What should we call yakitori made with chicken in Muroran, Hokkaido?

The taste was delicious.

If I had the chance to visit again during the limited-time fair, I would order it again.

It's unlikely to become a regular menu item, but I think it's a good idea to try it at least once.

I would like to hear the opinions of people who are from Hokkaido Muroran or have eaten Muroran Yakitori in Muroran about this menu.

Review of Tochigi Imo Fries

This is Tochigi Imo Fries(Imo Furai).

It is a local dish of Tochigi Prefecture.

It's crispy on the outside, but it's a nice texture on the inside and very tasty.

When I was a student, I used to eat this kind of food a lot.

It brought back a lot of memories.

Review of Matsumoto Sanzokuyaki(Nagano pref.)

This is the Matsumoto Sanzokuyaki.

Sanzokuyaki is chicken breast meat or thighs seasoned with garlic-flavored sauce, covered with potato starch and fried.

The sauce varies from shop to shop and comes in a variety of flavors, from soy sauce-based to miso and salted rice malt.

According to TORIKIZOKU's official website, TORIKIZOKU's Sanzokuyaki is made from chicken thighs.

It was very tasty.

I think I'll order one again next time.

Review of Saga Sicilian Rice(Saga pref.)

This is Saga Sicilian Rice.

In terms of the atmosphere, it's like taco rice.

TORIKIZOKU is a restaurant that mainly serves chicken dishes, so I think you don't need to order this when you come to TORIKIZOKU.

Review of Miyazaki Karamen(Miyazaki pref.)

This is Miyazaki Karamen.

Karamen is spicy ramen that originated in Miyazaki Prefecture.

The best thing about Karamen is its "spiciness."

A large amount of garlic and chili peppers create a tasty and spicy soup that is said to be "spicy but can't help stopping eating."

It's an excellent way to call it a night by eating this.

My ranking of 5 local cuisines

  1. Muroran Yakitori(Hokkaido)
  2. Matsumoto Sanzokuyaki(Nagano pref.)
  3. Tochigi Imo Fries(Tochigi pref.)
  4. Miyazaki Karamen(Miyazaki pref.)
  5. Saga Sicilian Rice(Saga pref.)

This ranking is my personal opinion, but the first place is "Muroran Yakitori," the bottom is "Saga Sicilian Rice," and the others are by a narrow margin, depending on the mood and situation.

I introduced five TORIKIZOKU limited-time Local cuisine menu.

I hope you had enjoyed this article.

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