Review of the co-working space "PASELA CO-WORK Ikebukuro" in Tokyo, Japan

April 12, 2020  

I found the "PASELA CO-WORK Ikebukuro(パセラのコワーク サテライト池袋店)" when I was looking for a functional co-working space in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan. It's located in a 1-minute walk away from the west or north exit of JR Ikebukuro station. It sounded good, so I went there the other day. No admission fee 1,500 yen per 1 day use 500 yen for lunch Semi-private table is available As the list above, it was easy to use, cost-effective, and comfortable co-working space. I would like to introduce this co-working space with some photos in this article. Official websiteサテライト池袋店 | パセラのコワーク | コワーキングスペース


How to store an exercise ball in a small Japanese room for a single person

April 11, 2020  

Recently, more and more people are using exercise balls for training purposes, such as strengthening the torso, and for general back pain prevention purposes. I'm one of those people, and I have an exercise ball in my room. I use it when I train and use it as a chair in my daily life. The exercise ball can be used in many ways, but there is only one problem. The size of the ball itself is large, so you need a lot of space in a small room. Of course, letting the ball air out every time would solve this ...

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