How to store an exercise ball in a small Japanese room for a single person

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Recently, more and more people are using exercise balls for training purposes, such as strengthening the torso, and for general back pain prevention purposes.

I'm one of those people, and I have an exercise ball in my room. I use it when I train and use it as a chair in my daily life.

The exercise ball can be used in many ways, but there is only one problem.

The size of the ball itself is large, so you need a lot of space in a small room.

Of course, letting the ball air out every time would solve this problem, but the hassle is too much.

I wondered if there was any way to store them out of the way, and one idea came to mind.

I'd like to share that idea with you this time.

Push the balance ball into the corner of the ceiling and pinch it

I noticed that there was a lot of space in the ceiling.

As long as it's floating, it won't take up any floor space and won't interfere with your regular life.

So, I pushed the exercise ball into the corner of the ceiling.

The exercise ball got stuck in the corner nicely.

It floats.

Pushing the ball in the corner allows you to store the exercise ball without letting any air out.

However, there is a possibility that they may fall if an earthquake occurs or they are left pinched for a long time.

I think it's a good idea to be careful not to put anything directly under the ball.

Other Japanese balance ball storage ideas

The above is just my idea, but many people in Japan have the same problem.

So, I looked for other Japanese exercise ball storage methods as well.

The idea is to put an exercise ball on top of a crutch.

It's more stable than my method.

Linkバランスボール収納 2015/06/26
The exercise ball is placed on top of the jungle gym or hooked to the curtain rail.

The idea of using curtain rails is stylish and nice.

The idea is to make a shelf with wire netting from a hundred-yen store and put an exercise ball on it.
Google imageGoogle image search on "バランスボール 収納方法"
If you do a Google image search in Japanese, you'll find many more Japanese storage ideas.

Summary of how to store an exercise ball in a small room

  • Push it into the corner of the ceiling → It may fall down.
  • Put it on the props.
  • Making a shelf with wire net from a hundred yen shop.

It seems to be a rule to store the ball above your height to use the space efficiently.

I'm starting to think that it might be a good idea to just leave it there instead of a chair because it's too much trouble to clean it up.

I hope you'll try imitating the storage methods I've introduced here, or find your new storage method by referring to this article.


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